CNC Fabrication



Expanded to 7 full time welders to meet our growing demand for production welding services.

Behringer HBP 303A Band Saw

We needed to upgrade our sawing capabilities so we went to one of the best names in horizontal bandsaws. Our 303A can handle 12″ dia. or a 12″ x 12″ bundle of tubing. Equipped with a dual column 1-1/2″ blade, fully automatic shuttle with CNC control for part length, and number of part, parts per cut, this saw was long over due. Accurate square cuts every time.

E-Matic Super CE-CN

The E-Matic- SUPER CE-CN is a multi-use bending/forming machine consisting of a base unit with gear driven central arbor and an adjustable clamping system to which can be mounted a wide variety of bar working, tube bending, scroll forming, profile rolling and bar twisting attachments. The unit uses a PLC control to set the bending angle with 9-program memory with 5 bends per program. Bends are input via push button membrane controls. High quality bends and folds and forms are produced swiftly and efficiently without using an internal mandrel. An electric motor and an oil bath speed reducer power the unit.