We were asked to build a machine base from steel tubing, plate, and sheet metal. This housing weldment needs to be done in 5 weeks. It is 6-1/2′ wide, 7-1/2′ tall, and 12′ long. Can we do it. Yes we can. Above is a photo a week before the scheduled delivery date. doing some final work on the weldment. There were over 70 individual parts. The only thing the customer provided was the 3D model of the frame. We broke it all down, machined the tubing and plate, fabricated all the sheet metal and welded and repaired engineering changes.

After installing the wheels and delivering the Weldment to the paint shop. It is preped and primed for painting. We were going to powder coat but the frame was a few inches too big to fit in the oven. The yellow is the primer, the guys at AllSpec Finishing did a great job with this one.

After paint the weldment is loaded onto the flatbed and ready to be delivered. Notice the swing arm just behind the cab. This arm can pick up the frame from overhead and set it down on the ground.

Final resting place for now. This machine base will become a machine that makes medicine for live cell cultures.

Here is the next project to run lights out 24/7. This part would have taken over 7 weeks to meet total production quantities, with running “lights out” we will have it done in 12 days. A laser (Blum) scans each tool for tool breakage and size once confirmed the next tool can run. Each parts is measured within the HMC with a probe (Renishaw) to assure accuracy. To give you some scale, the part measures 1/2″ thick x 5” wide x 8″ tall.

We have been pushing our HMC (horizontal machining center) to the max with 24/7 production cycles. This part to the left has a cycle time of 45 min. and we have been producing 30+ pieces per day. One operator has been doing this for months. You can do the math. With lights out production we can lower our overall cost of production and past the savings onto the customer. We are utilizing the Renishaw probe and the Blum laser.