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Employee Shortage? What Are The Solutions?

One solution, start a class.

K Tooling is thrilled to announce that we began a class a few weeks ago with our team!  First topic, CLEANING! We all know there’s a machinist shortage as well as fabricators and welders. For the past years it seemed the interest of new workers just wasn’t there, despite the climbing pay increases. Now that is changing! Maker spaces and Fab labs have sparked new interest in the trades, which is great! Recent events through the year 2021, have opened the industry’s eyes and made everyone aware that we need qualified staff to fill positions for our economy to work, thrive and grow. 


Here at K Tooling, we are thrilled to develop solutions that add value to our company. We decided to start a class and train candidates that showed interest in learning more and progressing. We then looked out for candidates who had a level of aptitude with a combination of a positive attitude. We can build someone from the ground up with transferable skills in the trade. That works across many industries and skills. We are always interested in a win-win situation and we are finding that it truly is possible and valuable to connect with staff, strive for team building, and have a really good time while doing it! We’re dusting off some rust and getting our hands dirty. Maybe you should consider starting a class at your workplace? Here are some things that we are trying:


Starting with the basics so we can fill in the "holes" in their skills


Documenting their training so we know they have accomplished a specific skill


Demonstrating the best practices of sharing the knowledge


Introducing new topics by drip feeding the subjects for better understanding

What else can we be doing, robotics? We’re interested in your ideas!

What else can we be doing to add value to our craft? How much farther can we go?

What else can we do to encourage our workers to help them achieve their aspirations? 

Why K Tooling?

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