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High Mix, Low Volume. Chapter 1: It Starts With You

What is high mix, low volume manufacturing?


It all starts with you. We need to know everything about the quantities you will need and how frequent the deliveries. We handle any volume of parts, if you want one delivered every week, we can make that work! If you want 100 pieces delivered every quarter, we can do that too! If you want 10 pieces, and no repeat order, that is OK too! Once we have the guidelines of what you need we move onto the next step- Process! 


To understand your delivery schedule is to understand the manufacturing processes that are involved in order to take your parts from print to finished product. Some processes are complex, for example: machining, heat treating, plating, and x-ray inspection. Then it will take some time and our planning will reflect that complexity. If you require simpler machining or machining with plating, then we have some room to work with! 


We start off with keeping your material requirements available for immediate production, just in case you need to pull in your next delivery. We see this often enough to plan for it. Plus we always give you the option. Material for the job that is ready for your call, CHECK!


If you ever need to push out your delivery, we can make that work as well. It works both ways!


We need to constantly be expecting the unexpected. If we commit to planning, then we have won half the battle.What about the other half of the battle? That’s for the next post!

Why K Tooling?

  1. Most quotes within hours.
  2. Manageable lead-time / expedite options and expectations
  3. ISO:9000/ AS9100 Compliant QC System in place.
  4. High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV) philosophy in place to meet your needs.

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