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High Mix, Low Volume. Chapter 2: Expect The Unexpected

What is high mix, low volume manufacturing?


Expect the unexpected. Meaning, plan for it. The best scheduling is no match for when the material doesn’t arrive. It’s like what Bruce Lee said “be like water” take the form of what you are in. The day to day problems of missed UPS shipments, absent employees- you have to be ready for that! Be motivated enough to be able to play offense to bumps in the road. The days of sitting back and playing defense are over!


Crosstrain employees. In today’s world, all of your team members should be able to fill in for each other.  Sick and planned leave is part of the day to day- so your team needs to be able to handle it. 


Projects can be done in multiple machines. If one machine is tied up, it goes to the next! We keep moving forward and streamlining our processes. 


For 2022, we are working on a new way that will take a lot of the headache out of the daily surprises of JIT manufacturing. Stay tuned!

Why K Tooling?

  1. Most quotes within hours.
  2. Manageable lead-time / expedite options and expectations
  3. ISO:9000/ AS9100 Compliant QC System in place.
  4. High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV) philosophy in place to meet your needs.

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