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CNC Machining Prototypes – JIT Production – HMLV

K Tooling offers high mix low volume production. 

We have the capacity for whatever project you have in mind. Yes, you read that right.

Whatever vision that is propelling you forward, we can help with the next step. From simple, to complex – we have you covered! 


Our main focus is easy interaction. We saw a need to streamline processes for our customers, and met that need. Easier on you, easier on us – better parts & projects, streamlined and successful.


We have developed the shortest path to completion of your project with the best price. 

Enjoy our blog posts to “deep dive” into specific subjects – including: 2 axis lathe, 3+2 positional milling, or even simultaneous 5 axis machining.

How have we developed the shortest path to completion of your project with the best price?

K Tooling offers high mix low volume production. 



We only schedule about 80% of our capacity. This leaves openings in our schedule to fit new or rush projects in, without having a negative impact on the planned schedule. Your parts will fall into two categories, planned or unplanned production.


We have designed our processes to meet your every need.  Yes you read that right → Every need

Check It Off Your List... Done


Planned Production

orders are orders that are placed in advance with a JIT delivery schedule. We achieve cost reduction by leaving resources required to produce your parts in the manufacturing cell. 

  • The cutting tools used to machine your parts always remain in the machine, prepared for the next job.  For milling parts, we have multiple “pallet” stations with standardized work holding.
  • If we need to build fixturing, it is modular and can quickly be mounted onto an open pallet, and then introduced into the manufacturing cell. 
  • All of the fixturing is done offline so the machining cell is never interrupted.
  • Your job is then scheduled to run. Lathe style parts have what are called “quick change over collet pads”, and “chuck jaws”. These style parts are dedicated to turret positions, in order for similar tools to be used.

Unplanned Production

follows a similar path to our planned production orders.

  • The difference being that it is scheduled by utilizing the 20% we have strategically left open.
  • The key is that all the tooling is in the machine so that it omits the setup time associated with tools being loaded or unloaded. Also, the fixturing is set up for offline weather standard or custom.
  • Spindle utilization is about 98%.

Offline Scheduling

helps us be flexible and adaptable for unplanned situations. The engineering, CAD, CAM, process planning, job scheduling is all done “offline” ahead of time.

  • We have strategically built flexibility into our steps knowing we are going to handle expedited projects, to better match every possible need.

Check It Off Your List... Done

Ready to send us your project? Click the “Get a Quote” button below. If you are interested in learning more, look for our blog post: “High Mix, Low Volume. Chapter 1: It starts with you.”

Why K Tooling For Machining

  1. ISO9000 compliant QC system in place.
  2. Tell us when you need it and we will get it done. There is no lead-time!
  3. Inspection reporting at all levels.
  4. Great customer service and engineers available to work with you.


5 axis milling/lathe/mill turnkey

Whether it’s a 5-axis mill part or a multi-axis lathe job we have you covered. KANBAN and JIT deliveries for low/high volume jobs.  Palletize your job on our system for even more flexibility.

High Mix/ Low Volume

Always at the ready! Machine tools are on standby ready for your project. With over 300 tool stations it’s likely the tools needed for your job are already prepared in the machine.


With our commitment to continuous improvement we have adopted ISO:9000 / AS9100 as our quality standard.  Our Quality Manual is available for review

Machining Technology We Use

2 to 8 axis turning centers

3 to 5 axis milling centers

All formats from sketches to CAD

Metals and engineered plastic

Parts in as little as 7 days

Industries We Serve 












Value Products We Produce 

Mechanical parts & assembly

Motor housing

Guide blocks



Any Service You Need, All In One Place

We offer a wide range of services (plating, powder coating, heat treating, etc.) to meet all your needs.  We are confident we can get you what you need!

Interested In Our Services?

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We’re here to help you meet your company’s requirements for manufactured products in CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and 3D Printing. Whatever your need, we have a solution.

Why K Tooling?

  1. Most quotes within hours.
  2. Manageable lead-time / expedite options and expectations
  3. ISO:9000/ AS9100 Compliant QC System in place.
  4. High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV) philosophy in place to meet your needs.

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