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So, members of my team, tell me I’m arrogant

So, members of my team, tell me I’m arrogant…

In a staff meeting one of my guys tells me:

Manager: “Remember that sales call we did together and we met with the team at (company).”

Me: “Yes, I remember.”

Manager: “Well I didn’t want to tell you but…”

Me: “Yea….”

Manager: “Well they don’t want to deal with you, they only want to deal with me…”

Me: “WHY???”

Manager: “Well they said you’re arrogant and don’t want to ever see you again.  Only want to deal with me, they like me.”

I was floored… I thought to myself “AM I ARROGANT? Have I been my whole life???”

Let’s back up… This all started with my weekly visits to the shop, you see. I work from home and visit the shop one or two days a week usually. I fill in on different tasks when needed, driver sometimes, delivery guy, when no one else can do it. My role is outside sales so it fits, I can make the delivery and see our customers, I love to visit with my customers.

The company needed to develop further without me, so I wasn’t a “crutch” for them during the day to day operations, so I could do bigger things. That’s the idea anyway. With only visiting the shop once a week or so, I would visit with each person, good morning, how are you, and chat a bit, but within a minute or two as I would be looking over their parts I would point out things that were wrong, for example:

“Hey, check that hole there is a burr on the edge….”

“Watch out for the tight diameter, how are you checking that? You better double check with QC on that one….”  And so on.

What I wasn’t doing was, I wasn’t starting the conversations with positive reinforcements, telling them what a great job they do every day for me and the company, and how much I appreciate the work they do and go above a beyond when they need to. So, my team started to resent my visits and they were giving negative feedback to the management team and supervisors of my visits. I was shocked when I learned this.

I wasn’t being mean about it, I just don’t want them to make bad parts with everything going on. I am always drawn to the part and immediately start to examine it for defects. After machining parts for 30 years you can’t help it.

I wasn’t going to let this be my “modus operandi” for any longer…

You see, the catch is, if you’re told you’re arrogant and dismiss it, that’s a sign that you are arrogant, it’s a catch 22! So, I had to own it and try to fix it. I didn’t agree with it, but at the same time I could see the team’s point so what to do about it???

Do you think I’m willing to change? Will I put in the necessary work to find ways to change this about myself?

Stay tuned and we’ll find out together!




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