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Recently our NH4000DCG horizontal machining center’s display screen went black. The machine did not alarm out and was still running, so what’s the fix? A quick google search indicates it could be the circuit board or LED back light bar, but how do we figure this out? Here is where the UP! app comes into play.

Our CEO, Erica Smith finds the app you can install on your phone and start a service ticket. Then in turn, a machine tool repair service company / technician contacts you within a matter of  minutes to provide you services to help diagnose the problem. If needed they will travel to your location to do the repair themselves. We were on the phone with a tech who was able to understand the situation, suggest and order the correct parts for us. The parts were drop shipped (super fast shipping) and they talked us through the repair. The screen was repaired within hours of receiving the parts. An incredible process that helped us continue with getting the project done! If you have machine tools, this app is a great tool to have at your disposal. We had a great experience and hopefully we won’t need to use it any time soon! Check it out. It’s available in the app and google store.

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