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Why Do I Need To Know About HEM Tooling?

HEM tooling, the best thing since sliced bread?

Pictured above is one style of HEM tooling we employ. The HEM tool folds the edge of the sheet metal onto itself, forming rounded ends rather than having the stock edge left open, which is a potential cut hazard. It’s great for cabinet drawers, door edges, and electrical pathways, just to name a few! If you want to know more about K Tooling and the services we provide, including hemmed edges, you can Contact Us.  We’ll update this blog as we go into production on this project soon!

Why K Tooling?

  1. Most quotes within hours.
  2. Manageable lead-time / expedite options and expectations
  3. ISO:9000/ AS9100 Compliant QC System in place.
  4. High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV) philosophy in place to meet your needs.

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