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Your 5 axis is not like my 5 axis

I’ve run into this situation a few times so I thought I would write about it and clarify.

Not all 5 axis machining and machines are the same, let me explain…

I’m not going to deep dive into all of the different machines out there, but I will make is easy for someone who doesn’t walk the walk, to talk the talk.

Let’s start with your part is it round or square?  Do you make it from a cut slug (billit) or machined from round bar stock?

Now you may not know, but when you can answer those questions you start to have an idea if it is a lathe style part or mill style part.

Regardless of whether it’s a 2,3,4, or 5 axis part it’s going to be driven into one of those two directions, when we are strictly talking about CNC machining.

A customer may ask “Do you have 5 axis machining capability?” and I say “Yes”.  But when we finally get to look at the part model and print we find out we don’t have the right 5 axis machine for their 5 axis part and the conversation ends in disappointment for both of us.

Our 5th axis machine is designed for about 80% of the parts out there and it’s likely “We can do that” is going to be the answer.

We’ve taken 3 axis parts and run them on our 5 axis machine because it’s equipped to be a better alternative than the traditional VMC (vertical machining center).

In fact, in the industry the 5th axis machining center is replacing all other types of milling centers and a sales leader showing that more and more shops are adopting a 5th axis machine for your typical machine part.

There really is no easy answer until we can look at your print, CAD, model, and design.  From that we can develop the best path to meet your needs that could include our new 5th axis machine or it may require our 7 axis lathe. That’s the moral of the story.

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